The Sin City Mad Baker

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Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
The Sin City Mad Baker is a Cake Artist and Union Baker on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.


Holiday Treats

More holiday cupcakes

Chocolate dipped pretzels
White chocolate peppermint bark

Kahlua Balls, made with Kahlua, Oreo Cookies, Pecans and powdered sugar.

Filled chocolates made in my kitchen, which include; peppermint hearts, peanut butter presents, coconut roses and orange dreamcicle buttons.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vick, I was complaining with my husband that my first comment didn't go through on your blog. I thought that I had cookies that didn't let go my comment. Today I tested sending Hi to you to show my husband what went wrong, and minutes later I saw my first comment. I thought the comments show right way after sending. I guess I understand now. You have to review the comments before publish.
I'm hope I'm right.

Sin City Mad Baker said...

Hey Tania,

I found out the same thing and yep, the comments have to be moderated! Thanks for checking out my blog. I just got back from vacation and I'm anxious to add some new things. Talk to you soon!Happy New Year:)

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