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The Sin City Mad Baker is a Cake Artist and Union Baker on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.


My Husband is 40! fancy fondant work here!
Doug lovvvvvvves chocolate cake and I knew
that a delicious, moist cake was all that mattered.
So.....I searched high and low and what did I find?
The best chocolate cake EVER!
The icing tastes just like the old, yummy "Hostess
Ding Dong Icing"...I say the old, because the new
tastes like the ingredients have been "stretched".
The recipe is easy to make but a heavily guarded secret...
Well, if you call me I'll give it to you:)
The border icing is a delicate, chocolate buttercream.

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Shannon said...

I just came across your website and LOVE your cakes. You are so good! I live in Louisiana and have just started to take decorating classes. I don't exactly strive to go as far as you with this but would love to be as good at my hobby as i can be! If possible, could you please send me the recipe??? :-) I would so appreciate it! I want to make a good cake from scratch but can't seem to find one that works. Your cake looks so yum!!!



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