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The 40th Birthday Kickoff Celebration!

God knows I love Prince, but we didn't get to see him at $250 a head. You might ask, just what does one get for $250? Entrance into the "standing room only" night club. No food, no drinks, just entrance to the club. Only in Las Vegas! I'm sure he rocked the house. He puts on, by far, the best concert I have ever experienced.

Me and the love of my life. My husband, Dougles!

Standing on the Voodoo Lounge Staircase

I know this blog is dedicated to cupcakes and cakes, but I could not resist posting a few pics from my kickoff celebration. I have vowed to party the whole month of April as a tribute to my 40th birthday! High atop the Rio Hotel at the Voodoo Lounge on the 52nd floor, we partayed til the wee hours of the morning!
FYI....My 40th birthday is April 12th:)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's look like you had a great time. I loved your figurines. How did you learned to make them? Did you go back to Wilton school to take any classes? I'm planning to take Collete Peters in Oct. at Wilton.
Take care. I'm always happy to see yours projects.
Tania Goosby - Maui

Sin City Mad Baker said...

Thank you Tania:)

I just started playing with some old fondant and it was actualy pretty easy. I haven't taken any new classes, but wouldn't mine taking Massie Parish's class one day. I missed it in April of this year.

Thank you so much for stopping by and you're gonna love Colette's classes!

Take care,
"The Sin City Mad Baker"

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