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Howard's 21st Birthday

My oldest son celebrated his 21st birthday! I am so proud of him.
I decided to create a cake that included his love of music and a crown
to top off the fact that he's destined for greatness:)
This cake took 16 hours to create.


Anonymous said...

See your going to have to come to Chicago to make me a birthday cake.

I love your creations. I can't wait...for you to ship me some cupcakes.


Sin City Mad Baker said...


It's gonna be very soon, Clever!
Thanks for checking out the updates:)

Nappy said...

Girl, your work is simply FABULOUS! I get so hungry every time I peep in on your blog!

Sin City Mad Baker said...

Hey Nappy! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment and checking out my new stuff!

I have 2 new cakes to post this week, so check back on Fri-Sat:)

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