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The Sin City Mad Baker is a Cake Artist and Union Baker on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.


Wilton Master Course Cakes and Flowers

My first wedding cake. I loved making this cake! I was able to make it as whimisical as I wanted.
My birthday sampler cake. This was so fun to make. I made everything on the cake, including each flower!
My first fondant cake. This was a fondant sampler cake with four different sides. Taking this class took the fear out of working with fondant. I learned some cool tricks to making a cake turn out smooth every time. It was one of my favorite classes.

My first birthday "spray".

My pulled sugar arrangement. The daisy is already starting to wilt from the humidity!

My first pulled sugar rose. I absolutely loved working with pulled sugar, but with the rain and humidity in Chicago they collapsed within a day:(

My very first gumpaste flower!

Practicing Stringwork

Royal Icing Flowers that I made during the Master Course

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